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About Us

Panorama Studios

Panorama Studios stands as a powerhouse in the Indian film industry, offering a comprehensive array of film related verticals under a single roof. With a diverse portfolio encompassing Project Development, Production, Post- production, Distribution, Music, Equipment Rental and Publicity design, Panorama Studio is a one-stop destination for all things cinema.

Notably, Panorama is the only Studio apart from Yashraj Studio which is operating successfully in the given six major verticals, making it a formidable player in the realm of filmmaking.


To achieve the status of undisputed leader in the Indian Film & Entertainment industry.


To Produce, Distribute, Market & Exhibit visual entertainment worldwide, thus ornamenting the market & business. To also showcase Indian Talent worldwide.

OUR Verticals


Panorama is a result of the foresight and business acumen of one of the foremost producers in the Film Industry, Mr. Kumar Mangat Pathak who forayed into production in the year 2005 with the critically acclaimed “Omkara” and currently engages not just in Hindi Films (popularly known as “Bollywood”) but also regional languages like Marathi, Gujarati & Punjabi. Panorama is now a diversified film studio with various business segments such as Production, Distribution, Talent Management, Advertisement, Syndication, Equipment rental, and Line Production. Panorama Studios attracts the best talent in media and entertainment to create, package, and deliver high-quality cinema worldwide.


The Team at Panorama Studio Distribution LLP comes with a combined industry of over 50 years with a young and enthusiastic team managed by Veteran Mr. Murlidhar Chhatwani.
We offer state-of- the-art audit-ready systems and processes and an inclusive mindset coupled with the comfort and attention possible only in an independent company.

Medium to Big-budget Bollywood and Regional language film Producers can avail of ancillary services, such as In-Cinema Activation, Digital push, guidance on P&A, Syndication of Digital and Satellite rights, Marketing expertise etc. all under one umbrella.

Music Label

Panorama Music is an emerging label in the Indian Music industry endeavoring to represent the diverse music canvas of the country through a wide variety of genres, styles and artists. From the rich folk traditions to the ancient spiritual scriptures, the sublime Sufi writings of the saints, to the deep coffers of ghazal poetry and the vibrant contemporary and Pop music, the label presents the finest music in every traditional and contemporary form.

Featuring a whole gamut of musicians, Panorama Music strives to present the music of the most legendary names of Indian music as well as the most outstanding upcoming talent the country offers from every region of India in its catalogue. The label upholds the rich independent music scene of the country which co-exists with the popular forms of music including Indian film music, popularly known as Bollywood music.

Publicity Designing

Brain on Rent is a pioneer in film publicity and an emerging hub of strategic and creative marketing solutions in Advertising. Incepted in June 2011, our integrated marketing company has stayed relevant with its innovative thought processes and has captured the imagination of our client’s target audiences.

With a bunch of passionate and talented youngsters in Research, Marketing, and Creative, we are constantly meeting the highest standards of services, enabling our clients to transition to the next generation of solutions. Here’s where perfection and simplicity join forces to spark brilliance and blow up the mightiest barriers in communication.

Key People

Sanjeev Joshi

Vice President - Production


Managing Partner


CFO, Panorama Studios


CEO, Panorama Music


Creative Director, Brain On Rent


Content & Development Head


Head of Finance, Panorama Studios


Head of New Stream Films & Acquisitions