About the Panorama Music

Panorama Music is an emerging label in the Indian Music industry endeavouring to represent the diverse music canvas of the country through a wide variety of genres, styles and artists. From the rich folk traditions to the ancient spiritual scriptures, the sublime Sufi writings of the saints, to the deep coffers of ghazal poetry and the vibrant contemporary and Pop music, the label presents the finest music in every traditional and contemporary form. Featuring a whole gamut of musicians, Panorama Music strives to present the music of the most legendary names of Indian music as well as the most outstanding upcoming talent the country offers from every region of India in its catalogue. The label upholds the rich independent music scene of the country which co-exists with the popular forms of music including Indian film music, popularly known as Bollywood music.

Key People

Rajesh Menon

Chief Executive Officer

Murlidhar Chhatwani

Chief Operating Officer

Rajesh Chandrashekar

President - Marketing

Mannu Kohli

President - A&R