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Short Stories

About the Panorama studios

Panorama Studios International, with its subsidiaries and associates, is a diversified film studio with various business segments such as Production, Distribution, Music Label, Talent Management, Advertisement, Syndication, Equipment rental and Line production. Panorama Studios International attracts the best talent in media and entertainment to create, package, and deliver high-quality cinema worldwide. With our films, we have tried to delight our audiences worldwide.

Why short films are important

Short films are crucial for aspiring filmmakers, serving as their first step into the industry. They allow experimentation, skill refinement, and often lead to recognition in festivals and awards. Panorama Studios actively seeks short films and filmmakers to encourage and support them in their filmmaking journey.

Why are we doing this

At Panorama Studios, we hold a deep love for short films and the souls who craft them. With over 30 years of journeying through the film world, we’ve always believed in lifting up fresh talent and supporting budding filmmakers. Today, we’re bursting with excitement to announce our latest pursuit: a heartfelt mission to seek out and lift up young, talented filmmakers. This isn’t just about discovery; it’s a chance to be part of someone’s beginning, to light their path in the vast world of cinema. Come join us as we cheer on the next wave of storytellers, helping them spread their wings and soar.

What will you get

Script selected will get an opportunity to be produced under Panorama Studios
Selected filmmakers will have their movies made by Panorama Studios, where they’ll receive guidance from our experienced team. It’s a fantastic chance for writers to see their scripts become movies under our banner and with our expertise.

For ready films

We will take them to festivals, distribute and acquire under Panorama Studios
For the films already made that are sent to us, Panorama Studios will choose certain short films. These chosen films will be bought by us and then we’ll help them go to international film festivals and be shown around the world. We might also select talented filmmakers from these projects to assist us with our own future projects.